Anybody ever notice how different reflections appear, mirror to mirror?  Some

flatter and others accentuate flaws.  The who am I question looms large when

preparing to present the best self possible to the world.  Expressions change with

thought, emotion and health.  Feeling good makes you look good.  So if somebody

asks you who you are, you can simply answer “I am the best me and other me I can be, how about you”?




Who am I? Who are you?

Who the blankety blank are we?


There’s the machine us, the genetic us

and all the uses we’d rather be.

Our other us can do and be anything

go further than eyes can see.

We’re not held back by what we seem, we can fly by our pant seats,

up, up and away

we can act points better than averages say.

We look wide inside, aware what we’re not

hey, we even know we’re hot when we’re hot!

In the middle of the night, when watchdogs don’t watch, or do they?

We write our IMO’s as deep-end stories, in scrupulous selfie script

note details in emotional triplicate, unaccording to Hoyle.

YO, we can click ourselves on, and YEP, there we are, the other us!

User named and password coded.  If we find tags

tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum taken

we deal with it, like natural born aberration erasers.

We understand the experience, WE GOT THIS.

We’re championistas, new age thinker individualists,

we are who we are, that’s our cred.

Every day in every way we change the world

No questions asked. BOOYAH!


In other words, Happy Othering!


Another Patt way, ©2014

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