People used to say “Don’t worry, Be happy.”  Now, some may say, hmmm, happiness might be all about your personal power, and the resulting recognition of you.  Thing is, not to worry, there is not another you.  Being happy in spite of what worries is a powerful, strong mind frame tool.  It’s a point of view asset that not only emphasizes your positives, it also enhances your appealing standout.


Forget about sadly as in a badly

life choiced condition, consequence driven,

the picking of one path instead of the other

think happily young, not to be outdone

by the changey chance life rearranger.

Age is not all that’s gotten from experience.

If stumble feet drench in detentional trench

throw away the dull and the spongey.

Oh, and don’t give the splash a tinker’s dam.

Cross muddy puddles of bad

immersed viscous, full body clad

in thick, slick oily comprehension.

Remember life is what you do gladly

when you’re not dead sadly

and that’s the unchancey, unchangey non-rearrangey truth!



Patt Awes:  After Words End Says:  Sometimes life may be as simple as  “one-two buckle your shoe,” or “three-four shut the front door,” but it’s not overly complicated.  Breathe in…Breathe out…Breathe in…Breathe out…Repeat.

Fun-da-mentally, Patt ©2014

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