Words Meet Art

Excerpts on permission from Community Publishing

Ask Royal Oak author, Patt Trama, what her passion is and she’ll say it’s creating word art.

“It’s like light forming,” she enthuses. “I write words and watch them grow into expressions.”

From when Trama dubs “a time of then,” until now, her portfolio consists of a variety of word art applications. She showcases word art on her website, pattswordart.com.

Trama shares verse, fiction and creative concepts with the community and online fans of the arts. Contemporary audio formats present poetry’s range with beguiling voice and depth, inviting return attention.

Pattwordart.com highlights Trama’s e-books with the same alluring exuberance. All comers are welcome to choose and purchase Trama’s original volumes from Amazon.com.

"Plus Two" a unique fantasy novel by Patt Trama“’Plus Two’ is larger than life, an outrageous mountain town fantasy,” Trama said, when asked to review her own books. “A cast of conspicuous characters champion the exaggerated search and find of a utopia called, ‘The Plus Two Experience.’”

She also explained her approach to two additional works.

OPINIONATA | A new Spirituality book from Patt Trama“‘Opinionata’ is a moving collection of poetic verse,” she said. “Finding God is a challenging personal journey and ‘Opinionata’ proposes interpretations that help discoveries happen.

Christmas Reel, an ebook by Patt Trama with a collection of 10 unique short stories“’Christmas Reel’ claims that Christmas never ends. Ten Christmas-themed, short stories reveal the holidays in unique and compelling ways. As soon as one Christmas passes, planning for the next Christmas begins, keeping Christmas at the forefront of hot holiday topics.”

Trama remembers coming to a similar Christmas conclusion in the mid ‘90s. It’s been referred to as a vivacious time when lyrics flowed, verse and spoken word embellished, short stories revived and poetry absolutely ruled.

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