To make the most of summer get away experiences, we need great destinations of choice. Places that make us feel like traveling, exploring and adventuring. Exposure to different people, places, things and circumstances is a rich cultural heritage. We observe and learn as we enhance our flexibilities, venturing out to arrange, go and tour interesting, enticing and inviting unfamiliar vistas. The thrill of new opportunities accompany expeditions freed by unregulated schedules, the possibilities of what might or might not happen is exciting.


In Michigan, it’s almost as though Mother Nature is looking over our shoulders to guide us on to experience grandeur in the first degree. The variety is endless, there’s so much to see and do and look forward to. Fantastic main attractions abound country and city wide. The times we spend touring, staying in mesmerizing places, exploring, discovering and visiting the myriad sites are times well spent. Michigan announces its fortunate whereabouts and occupies its status on the map due to an abundance of natural splendors. Whenever the “what did you do on your summer vacation” question is asked, the response is one big taking everything in word, MICHIGAN, and the MORE is understood.


                                   MICHIGAN’S MORE 


                           More matters in Michigan
                           you know, they know, we go Michigan
                           Lions and Tigers, Pistons and Wings
                           scenic marvels are favorite things
                           freshest air outside, hunting and fishing are too
                           insiders show what Michiganders can do
                           festivals, art, theater, activities galore
                           nothing can top Michigan’s recreational score
                           the music’s supreme, the big waters sure
                           the all about fun buzz is Michigan pure.


GO MICH-I-GAIN: Outside customary four walls, we feel the powerful attractions of the unknown and we add our positive personal energies to them. We feel new hopes happen in our hearts and happy gains in our overall sense of well-being. It’s a recharge force, because anything’s possible when it’s made in MICHIGAN.


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