Seasonal Jubilation


Bright beginnings, new tomorrows, unlimited loves. Staying in the spirit for just a little longer, here’s wishing your Christmas blessings last throughout the new year, or at least through the duration of well- intentioned 2014 resolutions.


Christmas Love Wish


Special salutations.

Greetings of the season.

May love surround your door,

your walk, your journey,

your comings and your goings,


At Christmastide,

one to another

we explicitly note

how often we think of each other

and how merry we’ll be


when hearts fill with hope.

Every sister and brother

looks forward

to a new year wrapped in faith,

brightened by peace,

blessed with charity.

Joyfully expectant is the love wish

that willingly strives toward

the sacred goal

of happiness eternal.


      Have a Happy New Year, Love Patt

      “Seasonal Jubilation” | Patt©2014

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