Remember the awareness excitements of being a kid?  Without measuring, most things appeared bigger than they actually were and more important too. Friendly giants offered rescues of helping hands and imaginative zippidy do dahs invented loyal oaths between pals. Times seemed simple and enchantments effusive. It was the easiest and most natural thing to wish for stuff you didn’t have to share.


Go figure. Growing up was what happened to the bigger wishes compromised by relativity of size. Small stuff could be great stuff and large stuff could honestly be trivial stuff. One challenge of thinking young is to keep your eyes open wide enough to appreciate life’s good stuff. Another is to create ways to good heartedly acquire your true heart’s desire for bigger stuff.


                     WOODSY  SADIE

     Girl meets Boy.

     She asks him to go for a walk in the woods


     they would have been great kids together

     sugar smacking lickity lips

     while marching innocently backwards

     hugging wind, outsmarting weather

     they would have been great kids together

     whoever had money would pay to play for

     having a forever share of great times together.

     They may have chosen to stay in the woods

     as long as they could

     pretending scoops of pine needle heaps

     were really beds, couches and chairs.

     We would have been great kids together

     Your tell is you’re effortlessly funny

     We’d choose winning sides to up our game

     Acting all carefree and happy.


     We are all kinds of great kids together

     it’s no big deal, holding hands into the kiss     

     Tag, you’re it! And I called it first.

     Dibs on front seat shotgun.

     Don’t get shook cuz I made you look

     See you tomorrow, same place and same time.


6th SA (say about): Proportion: Out of or put in-love is the human great exclamation of satisfaction!

Good speed,

” Ratio” | Patt  ©2013

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