Love makes the world go round, but happiness creates its quieting effects.


              CODE RUSH


What would happen if

the world chose not to communicate

for the personal good

not to be misunderstood?

Code the quiet rush

within the hush

of tranquility golden

free from the noise of disturbance

increasingly beholden

to the flight of body language.

That is to say

we’d live in different worlds

worlds apart

in the same world

solid into exterior angles

of non speak

as of buildings

or wedgelike pieces of stone

aimlessly unthrown

without a destination

every man for himself

girded frantic,

ciphered into the unspeakable,

a search for the lost sense of humor.


Say What?  A humor code decipher: Follow happy compass in any direction.

North, South, East and West, Patt  ©2014

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