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Using my oxygen holograph word play search (see Two Mallards on a Poetry Corner poem), I consulted a dictionary, looking for the term blog.  No luck, though, the dated entries did not go past blood.  Alrighty then, I thought, compelled to read the say what—what say about blood.  I interjected the vacant part after blood with the fill in the blank word blog.  This word play led me to realize the terms blood and blog do share activity in common.  Figuratively, they do the same things.

Blood is the fluid that carries oxygen and nourishment to all body parts while taking away waste products.  In a similar way, the blog does that as well.  Blog words are fluid, they breathe meaning, transfer definition, nourish speculation and supply implication to the minds of human receivers.  Then, they may , through other comment, easily negate and/or delete perceived lack of relevance or wordy excess, carrying them away.

Words are alive with this carry power, transmitting communications from one person, place or thing, etc. to another.  They give us all the ability to have our own say what – what say, if we so desire, or to blog, if we choose to convey that way.

Launch is another word with carry power.  By adding the letter B for blog, I’m crafting the new term Blaunch to celebrate my new blog.  10-9-8-7-6-5-…..  Patt’s Word Art Blog is on the Blaunch Pad, as we speak, blaunching.  This is the premier of its artful entrance into the world of online words.  Playing with words and using them in alternative contexts is fun.  Writing words down provides an opportunity to speak with a possible guarantee of being heard.

Welcome to Patt’s Word Art, where the nouns rock and the verbs roll.  The poetry pages are blaunchable more than once because impact happens repeatedly.  And, in the true spirit of firsts, I am offering the following word play adaptation of a little poem with big carry power, the easily recognized original remains alive and well in the public domain:


Roses can variegate
Purple violets can too
Sugar is a stimulant
And so, fact check, are you!!


This is my prime mover Blog, say what—what say.


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