Between you and me, I ask the following rhetorically:  Is my forebrain really my between brain or do I only think that between the times I don’t think?  Spin.

I do think La Vie 13 or 2013 is the betweentime of the betweenwhile the world changes, requiring more exact focus in reading between lines, inspecting sheets before getting between them and taking closer looks between rocks and hard places.  Span.

In La Vie 13, time is betweening between yesteryear and tomorrowland, constantly switching things up and changing.  Choosing between things can often be as hard as straddling the between of a fence.  Living between things, most people know what it’s like to be between stops, between paychecks and between relationships.  By implementing the oxygen holograph word play search incorporated in Patts Word Art, the concept of betweening is invented.  It seems this state of being can be considered a new normal, a state of wait during which anything can happen between status quos and rates of change.  It’s as easy to understand as it is to say… Spinspan.

Positionally speaking:  Between and betwixt are midway propositions.

Purposefully speaking:  Messing with the Mr. In-between factor may actually expedite identification of positives and negatives.

Proportionally speaking:  Betweening is the greatest thing since the invention of remote control pause buttons.

Prepositionally speaking:  Words that connect forms, abstract relationships, points of comparison, and interpretations are joiners.  They unite expressions and some create word art that rocks impact beyond words, like this:

Heart Throb’s Dreamscape

Deep in the middle of his choice nap

Heart Throb stops to view the dreamscape

the queen of his dream asks why a door is appearing

Heart Throb throws out a laugh with his hairy head thrust back

opening, then closing the door

of his dreamy threshold’s apparition

too fast to count repetitions

looking high into his nappy dream sky

Heart Throb makes a wily decision

and says finally with an air of precision, “it’s a door of opportunity”

so they walk through the frame of the smiley door arch together

quickly, all lovey-dovey

and close off access behind them

eager to begin the courtship of fated betweening

that lies between the dream and the chance of awakening.


Say what-what say… Spinspan.

Just between us, C’est La Vie.  They live temporarily ever after.

Love You More.



© 2013 | “Spinspan”


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