Down the road in the future
in RE BE re-arrive
every new moment lives in the moment
to be is to be alive, re be
rebecome, redefine, remean
reinvent self into that better self
the one you want the world to see
at one with epiphany.
Royal Oak celebrates diversity
as well as the scenery.
Royal Oak is a feel good city
feel yourself in Royal Oak’s moment
unique establishments, spectral atmospheres
perfected fruits, comeback societies
rock the future forward.
The heart gets what it wants in Royal Oak
attention attractions, the coveted chance to re
Life retains amazing as you re
Messages to your future self
run in re-run capacity
pulsed by resurging recharge
of the synergy of reo
shine your light on the re-grow.
Remember to re be in Royal Oak
a city futured by its people,
for even as they be re
the founders are not forgotten
they rebecome the heart of the city.


“RE BE FUTURE” by: Patt ©2015

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