Muse is coming, minutia
you’d better get out of the way
her voice has been known to entice.
You and muse, muse and you
no question who’s going to win,
it’s minutia again and again.
Minutia has devour power
before you know it, she’s all over you.
Intreat me, feed me, appetite uncontrollable,
she’s got you by the short hairs,
oh yeah, she’s got you by them.
It’s cuza you, minutia
it’s all be cuza you
few things are built in a day.
Your chancy complex drops woo-hoo bombs
on fixed up, waxed done preparations.
Your surprise, precise bevy of heavy
changes molecules of simple solutions.
Mimics call, Do not mess with minutia!
Put muses back in their bottles!
Minutia’s moveable ways make out
with easy to follow instructions.
A little to the left, more to the right
continual stuff of attenuations
hustle the bed to boggle your head
down with clutches of VIP details
you probably forgot to recruit
in your final compute
pushing multi’s re-set buttons
again and again and again
to arrive at muse inspired perfection,
or can it be? Yip yammer yank,
here comes the do over one more time
all be cuza you, milli, all be cuza you.
Can’t wait? Can’t watch the heated, ended dispute?
And the winner is … hot damn minutia.


“Milli” by: Patt ©2015

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