What a large, expansive comfort zone our pets provide for us.  They are devoted to our happiness and we are devoted to their welfare.  Pet love runs deep.  While we dote on them, they provide entertainment on a lavish scale.  It’s second nature to reward their feisty antics, playful grunts and growlies and tender doe-eyed expressions with belly rubs, behind the perky ears scratches, enthusiastic head pats and huggy, goobery smooches.  They sense and fulfill our need to let our hair down with trusted companions all the while sharing love, intimacy and acceptance.  It seems a primal response to get your pet talk on.  The sweet love sounds our pets make are the same ones we take and give back.  It’s only natural, and it’s almost impossible to count the ways we love them.  We ooh, tickle, purr and buzz charm our pets with our own peculiar goofiness.  We laugh and enjoy life more when they’re around.  It never matters the mistakes we make with our very best friend pets (VBFP) or who is to blame.  They’re ready to relieve our bad with their good.  They stop the anxiety we feel with well timed, friend to friend, high five, perfectly placed head nudges.  Pet Love.




I used to think I was completely alone, but now I know I’m aloner

it really would be a bummer if it wasn’t for you.

I can’t word say enough warm, fuzzy things about you, you’re my best friend pet

my very best bet in times of trouble.

You’re there for me 24/7/365, my little dog Face Z.

One night, early after midnight, we found each other, and we’ve stayed together.

Why, I remember one time, we met other pets with their owners.

You did me proud, you little dude, the way you cocked your rascally pet head

giving away and taking in good impressions.

We made friends with other pets that day, and formed bonds with other owners.

The good feeling that comes from connecting stays with us, I see it in your eyes

when you’re wiggily wagging your tail.

We’re not so different, you and me, we have each other, we feel the love

we’re not alone, we are trusted companions.  We can tell each other anything,

and it’s a cinch, kootchie-kootchie-kootchie coo

that all the whasups we bark about will not go any further.


2nd S A (say about) : Bonding, Give me loyalty…or what the…EXPLETIVE!  Give me loyalty!! Pets!

Fondly and Animally Too!  © Patt | “PET  FÊTE”

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