What is there to say about mothers, that hasn’t been said a thousand times before?  Since a picture is often worth more than a thousand words, a happy mother centered in a family photo says a lot about the moment captured. It says if mom’s happy then everybody’s happy.  Sometimes these pictures are testimonies to the conclusion that our moms did tell us so all our lives and yes, they usually are right about everything. So, we may thank goodness for their teachable moments and for reminding us to remember them.  Thank you moms for all you do and for the simple wonder of being you.


Moms care, share and swear

by the method of unconditional love.

It’s born in their soul

and they thereby control

the entire intuitive universe.

They do it alone

without the aid of informants

without a tap on your phone.

They hear emotional sounds you make

ears in tune with your own.

The eyes in back of your head

are the ones on loan from home.

Moms see London, moms see France

moms know if you’re wearing clean underpants,

for in these times demanding

their umbilical understanding

is the heavyweight mother lode.


The following comment is my first SA (Say About):  Moms are earthly angels, intrinsically able to invent, maintain and restore bliss just by being there.

Happy Mothers  Day  from PATT ©2013 | “I Mot”


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