If you like parts of speech, vowels, conjunctions, and consonants and the interesting ways they shape thought, suggest, communicate and record, then you probably love poetry.

Great descriptions and explanations beg the colorful, provocative free use of language.  The calling forth of the written word and/or poetic muse starts revealing relationships with old ways pen and paper or new ways electronic keyboards. Spirited accounts take on more emphasis, more life, more va va voom when given content guides and poetic structures.

Sometimes rhyming occurs naturally, sometimes it’s forced and sometimes it just won’t happen. Often, free verse is a new word wardrobe try on. Either way, we’re freed to think more and higher about things. The value of these exercises is immeasurable. We gain clearer perspectives, are able to see ourselves better and understand our ways and means on a deeper level.  Our lives are enriched by exposure to the best place to be when we feel our best and say and do the right things the best way we can.  That place is poetry’s own somewhere exceptional.

                               Poet’s Conundrum

Over under crisscross doubt is where conundrums dwell

in the outs of circumfit demitered words unjell.

Poets phrase the way they will and not one stays on track

mumbo jumbo raking waves course, odd clutched, up and back,

ideates mesh in other dumb, sequestered close together,

emotions strained so hard become sheer hostage in this weather.

Clam-jam-fries mock logic’s block, sense empty chatter prattles.

Shaking brains to think unfurled just doesn’t stop the rattles.

O.K., good, well, fine, alright, when it has to be that way,

confusions crash into themselves ‘til meaning has a say.

And then it does, oh boi-yoi-yoing, after gyrated minds are sore,

a self-reliant confidence can break through doubting’s door.

Cast away the two ticket twist, throwing perception’s wit aside.

Write the poem the way you want and focus on the ride.


4th S A  (say about): POETRY:  composition characterized by elevated, imaginative and passionate verse.

Poetically,   ©2013  Patt | “WARDROBE WORDS”

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