Art notices.

Art mirrors the world we see

and conveys the quality

of inner life.

Universal, though not uniform,

art is emotional experience

each one perceives art differently

according to interest and aspect of life

selecting aesthetic media

endless chain never broken.

Creative instinct is

personal expression.

Conceive of an idea

everyman’s channel thought

stimulate, reproduce, imitate, enact,

fine art is daily experience

life blood living

mode and sense

beauty of the true.

It has immediate value.

Dance, sing, sculpt, compose,

paint, and participate,

seeking meaning in what you Feel.

Art cultivates order.

Art tells the story of the development of man

accounting through inspiration.

Action, feeling, and meaning are one, ever flowing.

Because art is

be art active.

“HOW ART IS ACTION” by: Patt ©2015

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