musical signs and wonders
bar lines
a place to play
a safe place to play
pin the tail on the donkey.
Symbolist, be a symbolist
and let your mind wander
over the entire gamut
or sharps and flats
the natural erase
a musical place to wander.
Be active with every
loud and soft marking.
Go extremely soft
piano soft
go forth very medium loud
where Mezzo Forte
means something higher than M.F.
Go loud with your symbol
forte, go forte
then Fortissimo
and finally in the environs
of the cast of thousands
you can be symbolic
and who you hope to be.
The music scene
helps to set you free for a while
to go where you want to be,
although it’s symbolically.
Still, you get to see
the other side
tail in hand, blindfolded.
Hee Haw!
Music takes you where it wants you to be.


“THE HEE HAW DONKEY” by: Patt ©2017

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