Zounds and Egads Apology Poem

You apologize first. Yeah, apologize.

Apologize for, zounds and egads

taking up space

on this all too crowded planet

for increasing the burdensome weight

subtracting from the economy’s state

the stuff you want and need.

Let’s all apologize.

I apologize for

not being on the money when it was there

in my pocket all the time.

It always was mine.

But, it’s not like I can purchase with it

it isn’t worth a dime or the time

it takes to say I’m sorry.

I’ll describe how sorry I am.

I’m horrific sorry

for everything I’ve done wrong

for disturbing the delicate balance

the peaceful concord

in rightful fraternity’s throng.

For heaven’s sake

let’s unbind the stakes

too high and value inflated.

We are just humanly human

often a sorry excuse for behavior.

Let’s not remain too sorry, though,

for that which

we cannot always control.

But, zounds and egads,

who wants to be so overwith.

Let’s all apologize first.