Two Mallards on a Poetry Corner

Art is everywhere

art is on every corner.

One arty day it happened

uh oh, there was a schism

some sort of division

in poetry’s art form.

A group went out

to find the reason

that poetry’s season

was freeze tagging on the corner.

Whole art, bring it on

out , out, from any statute of limitations!

Bring it on, line of chagrin, line of ascent

bring it on

let your oxygen holograph word play search

two mallards on a poetry corner.

Chasm happens

hiatus gap-breach-abyss gorge.

Jump, jump over it, the schism, the chasm

bring the whole art in

untag it, unfreeze it

eat it, be the art you are

and have it all before breakfast.

The group returns.

There is art ever appearing

and no other reason

for the two mallards

besides the arty day

taking place, at will,

on every poetry corner.