grandstand, stand back

stand away from the standish

stand up, stand down

stand your ground around the bandstand

stand apart from the music stand

stand about, stand of armor

take the stand.

Do you swear to tell the whole truth

and nothing but the truth?

Tears stand in your eyes.

You can’t stand it.

Don’t stand for it.

Stand in good stead.

Stand on your rights

the one night stand is understandable

standing room only.

Stand out in a crowd.

Stand in outstanding performance.

Stand in line at the concession stand

near the umbrella stand

standing under the picture of the tree sand

where standing in the background

is a bee stand.

Standby standee

it’s a standing order

be all you can be in life’s standing army

stand tall, stand a chance, stand fast

withstand the resist of the draw

stand off the standing wave

stand still at the standstill

you’re still standing, stander.