The speed of my tempo is alarming
nothing moderate about it
I’m running thousands of miles behind
I’m reading signs that mean nothing
once in a while I herald a bird.
I guess it was meant to be
like sea into shining sea
and shiny everything
once I encounter it shines
essence launches forward
even if I’m running backwards.
I glide over uneven sidewalks
and curbs in a straight line
wanting to fly
never sparing a sigh.
The swings are always just ahead
I run to the swing set
I am a silvery shiny thing
a flock of birds fly by
to inspire a higher swing
but there is no stopping me
I run past the swing set
the sounds of its own
rock chains back and forth.
I see.
I’m not running that much faster
than yesterday
I slow to walking speed.
I’m allegro
I have a song.