On Me
I’ve read myself the riot act
and accompanied myself to functions.
I’ve been my own best friend and my right hand man
paid my dues and some due bills of others.
I’ve been a one woman show
a volunteer and a substitute.
I’ve sent the right card
and played sport in the guard position.
I’ve leaned on me when I’m not strong
and gone along with a crowd’s proposition.
I’ve taken the fall to fight the good fight
got me a piece of the sky hi de ho.
I’ve swung the sweet chariot low
and down into the real nitty gritty.
I’ve bested myself, tested myself
poked fun at myself, self-helped myself
and performed reasonably well under anesthetic.
I’ve been too hard on myself, taken charge of myself
and discharged myself in meetings.
I’ve surprised myself
surmised myself
and apprised myself of situations.
I’ve been out of touch with myself
while in touch with my deepest feelings.
I’ve been known to park myself on the dance floor
and what is more
is that I’ve come around to my way of thinking,
and the conclusion of my matter is this,
concerning all things there is
a beginning, a middle, and an end
endings are just beginnings
and beginnings never end
I want to live forever. Peace.