Hep Terrace

The prophet Latino poet wrote for years, waiting,

in the damp basement of a success dream

for the worth of his words to be transformed

into a framework of cultural importance.

He read about the unheralded clout

of the so called Hispanic conversation

and gigantically wrung out moisture left

from dry run sense units foretelling

the right of way passage

to the terrace of his dream

overlooking the awakening.

Statistics forced society

to open its droopy eyelid

and look through its lazy eye

to see the increases of his people

in business, art, language

the achieved exponential

no strangers to be lost

in the human race towards important position

in American millennial society.

The prophet Latino poet

worked countless binders of said verse

in the damp basement of his dream

earned refinement of his human terms

to be dried by conspicuous evidence of sun

so he’s begun to reach the height of the light

at the top of society’s stairs

it shows the writing on the wall

and now he’s hep to his place on the terrace.


“Hep Terrace” | Patt @2013