Go Ahead Be Red

So what’s with the two red cars

aligned side by side

at the corner station

close by the fuel pumps?

Are they resting from travels

out of gas

for sale in a couple of days?

Or are they waiting for a call

to deliver all

the bastions of balloons

shifting positions in the backseats?

They are also red

with interspersed pastels.

Places they’ve been blown up for

may be occasions to come

where applaused congratulations

rise on helium.

Yonder expectations

are uncommon exclamations

of what is dear and wonderful

when clever hearts

want to show

meaning and sentiment,

because to actually speak

would be another hemisphere

where fuel is expensive.

Expression is clear

when only lovers hear

what is really being said.

Love should lift

and move on wheels

go ahead be red.