Full Cup Ringer

To be intimately famous spontaneously

living celebrity large as well

happy to be the most direct object

of a never ending fortunate spell

being the one everybody sees

desires, and wants all the time

how roomy cool is that? It’s huge.

I love you, I do, and I don’t even know you,

and no way! Could you know me from Eve?

I’m superific on five major E’s.

Enthuse. Evoke. Embellish. Exaggerate. Exhilarate.

And you? Your cup is full

you make getting acquainted a gold miner’s dream.

Everybody knows you

you’re a famous art world on your own.

I’m just sayin’ what I’m doin’,

Patt’s WORD ART is written for and all about you.


“Full Cup Ringer” | Patt @2013