Athena’s overlook harmoniously shines

spans continents in heavenly conversation

unites love essence, guides spirit and education

connects well the good life conversation,

chromatic crescendo.

Athena’s eminent expression

balances arts armed to unify

favorable interests, industries of peace

honest ultimates, truths that beautify,

cadenced charm.

Athena’s rubric attention overlives

exalts metaphysical and mysterious

amplifies triumph, promises excellence

conquers war, betters times, enthuses progress,

virtuous wins.

Athena’s higher transcendent view

celebrates benefactors, leaders and inventors

awards good deeds done by hearts of gold

honors star counselors and divine sighted mentors,

faithful friends.

Athena’s empowerment gaze

crowns the civic minded

enlightens the light of living with reward

salutes recipients as victors!

Godly Faces, Illuminati, Athena.

Glorious congratulations.


┬ęPatt 2015 | “CREST”