Act radiant, begin now, cut wait, bring out your modus ID

put in uptick enhancement, move long where you’re short

stay short when you’re longing.

Rekiss your bliss, rave your faves, be a generous repartee donor

get it on with the stunning revelation  of the importance of who you are,

the real you, commodore of your own only only.

Overlay your exclusive engagements with all you can do with your greatness.

Actually cheer your coming attractions.

Sow trust, reap gain, go hot, right off the bean say no wolfy rogue.

Size big in your shout out house, resorb your savory saucebox savor,

end to end, base to top, win favor.

Wait for it—wait for it…

wait for the bold attraction of your youness

to call back the separated brilliance

that streams your record breaking mind shine

far past the lamp of your light.

Employ your interactive surge bling.


And go live with your WOW factor punch!