As Long As

Sleep was made for awakening

awakening was made for vision

vision was made for music

as long as we have music

we’re satisfied.

Earthy, musky we sleep

exotic, we arise

to greet the music within us

wherein sometimes the blues reside.

We get the coming around a too high mountain

pitching coins in a too high fountain blues

we get back door, front door

wipe the mess off the clean floor blues

we get old music, soul music

back to basics bold music

neighborhood 2000 blues.

As long as we have music

we survive

harmonious melodies jive

enchanted, we become visions

of aspirations dreamed of

before in an eventide.

As long as we have music

we’re amazing

we’re new morning art

joyous, confident, happy.

As long as we don’t say amen

the prayer won’t end

music is justified.

God’s gift music

thrills the soulful awakening rhythm

as long as we have music

we arise satisfied

to be alive

play on.